Our favorite twisted classic cocktails

Are you growing weary of the same old Martini, or simply in the mood to discover a new favorite with a twist? Welcome to our curated selection of twisted cocktails! Here, we present four of our most beloved drinks, each given a unique spin to elevate your cocktail experience. Dive into our world of flavors, where tradition meets innovation.


  • 4cl Vodka

  • 2cl Kahlua (or preferred coffee liqueur)

  • 1cl Sugar syrup*

  • 5cl Espresso coffee / 1 double espresso

  • Ice


  1. Put your martini glasses in the freezer. An Espresso Martini is best served in a classy cold glass.

  2. Grab your shaker and mix and mix all the ingredients, add a lot of ice. Keep shaking until the surface of the shaker turns cold.

  3. Almost done! Just strain your drink into your martini glasses, and if you want to give it a nice touch – garnish with a few coffee beans. Voilà – enjoy!



  • 4cl Tequila

  • 2cl Cointreau

  • 2cl Fresh lime juice

  • 1cl Sugar syrup (or Agave Syrup)

  • 2 “Coins” of chili (remove seeds)

  • Salt


  1. Add all the liquid into a shaker,

  2. Shake well, until the shaker get's frosty.

  3. Strain all the ingredients into a lowball glass with salted rim and a lot of ice. (mix the salt with some Tajin seasoning for an even better Spicy Margarita)



  • 5cl Gin

  • 1cl Dry Vermouth

  • 1cl Olive Brine

  • Olives


  1. Add all the liquid into a stirring glass

  2. Stir until the liquid is diluted and cold (but not to much)

  3. Strain into a cold Martini Glass

  4. Serve with olives


  • 5cl Vanilla Vodka

  • 2cl Passionfruit liqueur

  • 2cl Lime Juice

  • 2cl Sugar Syrup

  • 1 Passionfruit (optional)

  • Champagne (or sparkling wine)


  1. Cut and scoop out 1/2 of the passion fruit into the shaker.

  2. Pour in all the ingredients in to the shaker

  3. Shake vigorously until well mixed and cold

  4. Strain into a cocktail glass

  5. Garnish with the other half

  6. Serve with a small glass of Prosecco on the side


And there you have it – a refreshing twist on some classic favorites to enhance your cocktail experience. Whether it’s the robust kick of our Espresso Martini, the spicy allure of our Margarita, the briny sophistication of our Dirty Martini, or the tropical zest of our Pornstar Martini, each drink offers a unique journey for your senses. We hope these twisted classics inspire you to explore beyond the conventional and experiment with your creations. Cheers to a world of flavors waiting to be discovered – one sip at a time!